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Trade Rules
01. No funny business.
02. No popups. Period.
03. No overbearing activeX or slow loading chat risers.
04. You can target="_blank"
05. No iframes to gain credited clicks.
06. No illegal Content, actual and/or suggested in any way at all. You will be REPORTED and punched in the head by a Mexican/German crossbreed hooked on roids and speed that you will eventually meet in jail once the authorities nab you.
07. Dead trades will be removed. Please do not be offended. We know how difficult it is to build traffic but as we grow, we expect that you will grow at a similar pace so please don;t just rely on our traffic to make your new page a kickass TGP. We also expect it that if your site grows faster than ours, that we will undoubtedly be removed as well. It's just the nature of the game.
08. We specialize in most Asian niches. Mostly South East Asian so if you have sites that you would like to do hard-link trades on please visit our Linkspun profile:
09. We also accept gallery submissions here: The submitted galleries will appear on appropriate niched TGS that we currently administer within our network. We are adding new ones all the time so please check the submission form often for available niches for submission.
10. It is what it is. If I don't like your page, TGP, Gallery or link. I can chose to just not list it. However, it takes a lot to turn me off.

This trade system is based on click credits. I provide more weight to surfers coming in from qualifying countries. Surfers from non-qualifying countries still work towards your return ratio but on a slightly lesser scale. Bottom line is to say that quality traffic gives you quality traffic back.

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