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Now in HD - TRIKE PATROL - Hos Filipinas get Done
Trike Patrol girl says Ayy Shyat! Gwwaapooo!!
A notorious band of horny foreign tourists in the Philippines known for scooping up girls in a 3-wheeled motorcycle and fucking their brains out on camera
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When I tell my buddies back home about the Philippines, I use metaphors like, "You'll be neck deep in pussy here!" Which is mostly true and these tasty Filipina teens proved it! Sometimes, you'll find yourself on the strangest of paths before long here. Expect the unexpected, even if just enjoying iced-tea at a cafe, I might get laid on Trike Patrol! This Filipina sprite was raved about by members of Trike Patrol. They begged Ciara to return, so we delivered the goods for you! She is a smoking hot lay, that's for sure!
She allowed me to grab her nice bountiful breasts, then going further caressing the crevice between her legs. The next thing I knew, Shakira had my cock out and in her mouth. I weaseled my cock into Ellahís tight little anus for some thoroughly enjoyable shit-shifting on Trike Patrol. I was packing so hard sheíll be backed-up for weeks to come Ashley was aboard the Trike Patrol sidecar before we even exchanged names, which suggested to me that she was on what Iíve heard referred to here as stand-by. Sweet!
She has a small, curvaceous body that drove me nuts. Not too fat to be gross but not too skinny to feel like youíre banging Skelatorís bride either! Meet Mhine! It was just me and Alona and we got down to business in no time. After all, I had to fuck both of them tonight for Trike Patrol so there was no time to waste! There was no wondering what would happen next once we arrived in my room. Ladyhoney soon implied she was quite horny and let me remove her clothes one-by-one.
Sometimes you can smell the rain in the air before it comes. In this little town, itís like that with pussy too. Thereís an odor of available snatch everywhere! Not even 5 minutes in the room, she was on her knees unzipping my pants. I got light headed upon feeling those small little hands grapple my already bulging cock. A hot piece of Trike Patrol ass from the past referred me to hooking up with one of her hot friends for more unbridled sport-fucking. It's just so easy here!
Strolling through the busy strips at night is always a blood-rushing affair when it comes to hunting down Trike Patrol pussy but this one was totally worth it! Check out that butt on this spinner! Happy Holidays Trike Patrol fans! Aiko was a fun 25 yr old date that has her super sexy personality and fun-loving nature shining through brightly, even with a dick in her warm wet mouth! While strolling through a residental neighborhood I came across this treat of a woman that I knew you would all love back home on! Trike Patrol really delivered and you'll fall in lust this time!
Sometimes after a long time hunting for Trike Patrol pussy I just feel like giving up but this time I got a two for one special! Did I ever luck out with this double date! Last week's girl was more of your typical spinner Pinay but this time around there were curves in all the right places for a good time to be had at Trike Patrol! As far fetched as these beautiful Filipina ladies appear to be, they truly really are this eager to mingle, please foreign cocks and get down and dirty for us at Trile Patrol. Marie is no different.

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When this chambermaid walked in with towels the wheels were already turning to learn more about this sexy 28 year old. Mitch was soon given a good and proper fucking for Trike Patrol fans. Jeepneys frequently pick up passengers near the hotel. Lucky for us, we got to pick up a passenger of our own on Trike patrol this day. Shane loves cock and loved her cream pie filling! After speeding home while fondling a sweet Pinay babe, I had a hard-on that only her spinner packaged body could tame. Trike Patrol lovers rejoice because there's beautiful views from her!
While looking out my balcony, I noticed a cute girl walking along in a brown top and short shorts. She looked up and waved. I knew it was time to invite her up for some Trike Patrol exploration! I saw a chubby girl approaching me in the rain. She seemed cute enough for Trike Patrol and I wanted to see her naked. She has an anything-goes demeanor. I soon had my cock burried in her ass! Irish claimed she was single and she eventually agreed to ride with the Trike patrol back to my hotel. Soon she employed tricky oral skills and had my cock burried deep inside her doggie style!
Lyn sports a personality that belies her age and seems at ease with foreigners, which suggests a seasoned Filipina bargirl. After trading a few lies we went to my room for a snack and pussy fill-up! Sissi was just a complete darling Filipina princess. She was extremely friendly and said she was waiting for a ride. Trike Patrol offered her a lift and ended up with her on my cock at the hotel. She was curious about the Trike Patrol camera but I lied about it and invited her to my room for a drink and chatter. I got the impression she was a bargirl so that's perfect for easy seduction :).
Nica was mauling my cock before the AC cooled off the room. Not only did I run into the friendliest Candy Striper for Trike Patrol, she was in heat! She shuddered each time I touched her! Score! Che would only fuck me if Charm could join too. I was the first foreigner to tap Che's Filipina ass AND fuck another girl at the same time along side her for our Trike Patrol video. I love it here! She needs no encouraging to get down and dirty. Soon my meat was on her lips and she was stroking away for all you Trike Patrol fans! She knew just how to "handle" things and I really like that!

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