Friday, April 7th 2012. Angeles City, Philippines: Met a really cute Filipina spinner at the SM mall today!
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Dear Diary,

  I met a real cute Filipina girl at the SM mall today. Her name is Ashley and she's a skinny, petite, and fresh one. She's my type of girl! Ashley was there waiting for a friend so I took some pics she agreed to pose for more. She decided to wait for her friend and I still wanted to scope the scene out more so we exchanged cell numbers. I continued shopping but couldn't find another Filipina fuck trophy for today so I texted her soon after but I didn't get a reply. I felt like a tool. I missed a golden opportunity! However, later today, Ashley texted me back! I was so happy and had to get my room cleaned up some. She said she would come after her work tonight, around 9 pm. Perfect!

  Ashley showed up as promised, wearing a lovely dress that made me smile. It's perfect to take some naughty pictures in. While we were doing that, I discovered her beautiful petite body and I got so damn horny checking out this spinner Filipina! She didn't seem shy about being naked so I was making myself ready for the next level when she informed me that she didn't want to go all the way yet. I was totally shocked! Strike two for today? Damn.. Maybe she was testing my intentions for her and seeing what kind of guy I was. This is the city of sex afterall, right?
Since it was already quite late, I asked her to sleep over and promised not to touch her if she did so we could spend more time together in the morning. So far, Iím keeping up with my promises to her as she's sleeping soundly in my bed at the moment. Damn, I just can't fall asleep with this perfect spinner against me sound asleep. What a beautiful petite ass! I am so horny right now so I figured I would update my sites and publish some photos I took of her before I finally fall asleep. She is clueless and sound asleep still as I upload them all!

Special Update: Fucked her in the morning!!
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