Fucked on Tuesday, the 24th of April!


Never before have Filipina sex been 'handed' to me this easily!

Hello guys! Some of you may know who I am by now but for those who don't, I'm John Tron. I headed out on an extended indefinite vacation to the Philippines to enjoy a different walk of life than my usual back home in europe and, of course, also to thoroughly enjoy any experiences I have with Filipina sex along the way! I took in so much touristy and wenton many adventurs already and I've only been here since the end of January 2012! Life was quite boring and cold back home so I am very happy to have made arrangemens and planned for an indefinite Filipina sex vacation because I can't see myself being anywhere's else!

My Filipina Sex Diary has chronilogically detailed accounts of everything with pictures, high definition videos and daily entries with such for all of my friends, and those with interest in my daily adventures (such as yourself) to follow me on this Filipina sex vacation.

   With that being said, this site is about Filipian sex so lets get to the nitty grittt. Here we have an Anonymous Filipina girl that I met while eating breakfast down in the hotel cafeteria area. Sometimes pussy and Filipina sex just gets thrown at you around here (even married ones), so enter below and see how this all unfolded. I am still shaking my head at this one. Unreal. Scroll down and enter to see this hot chance meeting with her!

I must warn you:

   By law and by my authorization/permission to view this page and any links that I use) you have to be at minimum 18 years of age or possibly older depending on the local/provincial/state/federal laws that are in place where you are attempting to access anything linked to and/or hosted on/from this site. Every link, wording and image here will be under such warnings. Some people may be offended by the nature of the content as well. While I can't guarantee you won't be offended, I do guarantee that I am depicting everything as tasteful as I can. Well as possible as it is with some of the raunchy Filipina sex being shown from my adventues. haha. However I will not be held responsible for what you see if you become offended by any part of this site. I do have a lot of respect for each of the females that appear on my sites and I also have a huge respect for the Philippine way of life.

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